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In  May 2014, Chris, Glenda and Nigel began the ‘rescue  mission’ of a 100-year old farm homestead located 2 hours southeast of  Calgary. 


​The farm has been providing a wide variety of fresh produce and honey ever since!


 The house was an Eaton catalogue special built in 1917. The homestead was surrendering  to the wind-powered dust, sun-driven droughts and harsh winters. 


 The  barn was older and the other outbuildings were sadly neglected, coming undone and rapidly turning back to dirt.  


 The 25  acres of land, covered with nature’s choice of weeds, revealed many large stones and much in  the way of good top soil. 


Tough beginnings as we hand watered and hauled water from the nearby canal.

Every year nature returns with her abundance of life.

  The prairies offer a vast window into  the universe at night, and the diverse, abundant wildlife and their  songs. 


 We were captivated by the wide-open prairie landscape, the big quiet skies and sunsets. 

What Our Customers Say:

"Livingston  Farms has been providing my family with amazing, fresh and local vegetables  every summer for four years now. Each week brings a variety of old  favorites and new taste adventures; I always look forward to veggie  pick-up day. The farm shares are well thought out, timely, plentiful,  fresh, healthy, sustainabland delicious. We could not be happier with  this service and are grateful for the hard work and care that the  Livingston family puts into each plant."

- Amanda K.

 Last year was my first introduction to Livingston  Farms. I was tired of buying tasteless produce from the grocery store  that rotted in my fridge only days later so, when I heard about this idea I was immediately interested. The veggies were great, in fact I  still have some and its January!!!  What I didn’t expect was how much  fun my husband and I had picking up each weeks stash and then finding  new recipes to use them up.  We are looking forward to another year! 

- Denise N.

"You  want fresh, organic produce?  Livingston Farm's garden vegetables  delivered to Calgary once per week is your answer! The quantities are  abundant, the produce is crisp, colorful with lots of variety.  They  work hard everyday to deliver value at an affordable price. I have  referred them to many friends in the Calgary area so they can also get  the best for their family."

- Diane

"We really enjoyed your fresh produce this past summer.
There was a nice variety, and it was great to know that the veggies had been picked the day before we received them.
Our friends and family really enjoyed the jars of your honey which we gave them at Christmas time!"

- Susan

"Thanks for growing the freshest organic  vegetables! The carrots are the most delectable I've ever had, and the  spinach, herbs and garlic are yummy. God bless your hands for providing  us with organic local veggies."

- Kleona

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