The Journey

      In  May 2014, Chris, Glenda and Nigel began the ‘rescue  mission’ of a 100-year old farm homestead located 2 hours southeast of  Calgary with the goal of growing our own food.   ​The farm has been serving a wide variety of fresh produce and honey ever since! 


      Concerned about crop contamination from pesticide use and the detrimental effects on the ecosystem from monoculture, we broke ground and started gardening using only organic and sustainable practices.


      We only use natural methods of growing with no reliance on chemicals or artificial fertilizers. We utilize row covers,  shade cloths, mulches and organic soaps to manage any pests in the garden. Extra  plant nutrition is added using specially formulated compost teas, local  manure, and kelp & fish emulsions. 


Second Year Progress


Glenda has a passion for gardening and creating a community of like-minded folks. With roots in entomology from the University of Guelph,  she oversees the apiary and manages honey production. 

She holds an Alberta food safety certificate and loves to create exciting new products using our honey, beeswax and fresh grown herbs. 

Chris is a carpenter by trade and tackles the building challenges. He oversees the design and development of the landscape architecture and gardens. Along with Nigel he prepares new gardens and designs and installs irrigation systems. His passion is providing a welcoming habitat for birds and wildlife. 

Nigel is a certified greenhouse crop grower and is experienced in the production of many varieties of crops. He also holds a 4 year Business Degree and manages the business side of things to ensure things run smoothly. 



Beekeeping & apiary

 We have kept honey bees for many years and wanted to contribute in our own way, to the health and survival of these wonderful creatures.  At the same time we also wanted to support a habitat for native bees and other pollinators. Our garden has become a healthy ecosystem that is always bustling with life!

We turned a 15 acre dry land field into a perennial source of food by planting Sainfoin and Alfalfa. Our customers say we have some of the best honey!